If you missed it, someone stole my car a little over a week ago. I've been dreading the repair process because, as I mentioned, I was deeply concerned that my turbo had taken the plunge.

But, I figured, first things first. This thing is burning gas like it's going out of style (oh wait...it already did). So, I figured, I'll replace the O2 sensor.

Also, since getting my car back, I was greeted with a constant blinking CEL that didn't throw codes. According to the great and glorious noise of the internet, this was likely due to severe misfire (DANGER TO MANIFOLD). This is why I haven't driven my car since the day I got it back, a little over a week ago.

So, yesterday, having the day off of work, I decided to set out on a mission to repair my car. I got the Generic 3-wire Bosch wired up, with a few "Uh-oh"'s along the way. My original O2 sensor had a red, black, and white wire. The new Bosch? Two white wires and a black wire. Some of the internet noise said I bought the wrong one. I guess I decided "fuck it" in the end, made sure I got my signal wires lined up, and wired the two "whatever" wires from my original harness to the two remaining heater wires for the new O2 sensor.


Then I figured I'd tackle the misfire (priorities, amirite?). Cheapest cause of misfire to eliminate? Shot spark plugs. I was going out on a limb and figured that, since my car has run rich for quite awhile now, that maybe my spark plugs had just fouled out. 6 brand new NGX Iridiums later, I was wrenchin...

...when the most terrifying engine-related thing happened to me. I pulled out spark plug #1 to find it covered in an oil-gasoline slurry. Just fucking kill me now. I called my grandfather, who, when it comes to internal combustion devices, was smarter when he was my age than I will ever be. He expressed concern that I had lost a valve in the process (he thought it was an exhaust valve...I would have guessed intake...No matter). Again, I decided "fuck it", because standing around shitting my pants wasn't getting my car running any better, and if a valve was toast, I was gonna have to drive the thing over there anyway to do some compression testing and whatnot...and the car did run, if poorly, so I kept going.


Plugs 2-6 showed no such issue. They, like the first one, were burnt to a crisp though. I got her all buttoned up, unhooked the negative on the battery, spent 5 minutes praying while my ECU reset (also, dicking around with some Belkin hands-free thing I can't figure out how to make work with my iPhone), hooked up the battery, and fired her up.

In not-so-typical fashion, my car turned over once then started quite vivaciously. I noted that the RPMs were rather high (around 2500) at idle, but, otherwise, things sounded OK.


Since it ran, and I got the green light from the ball-and-chain (jk, love the wife), I drove to the store to buy a sixer to reward myself for a days work (or, that's the argument I used the night before. I really thought this could take me all day. It actually ended up taking about 2 hours).

And oh my God. The car accelerated smoothly all the way though the RPMs. I got her warm, and the idle didn't hunt anymore. I got out, and it didn't stink heavily of gasoline. My exhaust is white and fluffy, not charcoal grey and heavy. I'm guessing I don't shoot 6 foot flames anymore (which is cool until you realize how much you're spending on gasoline...also, it leaves a nasty residue on the rear bumper/tail light/trunk).


My car runs better than ever! All it took was some asshole fuckwit to kick me into gear.

Clutch, then paint, then maybe a kit (I like em, so sue me), and maybe a cage (more interested in structural support, rather than a roll cage. I want this car to last FOREVER), and then sign the painting and move on to dreams of an R32 Skyline.


Thanks for reading :)