On Heroin

I recently lost a friend and co-worker to heroin.

He’s not physically dead.

But he’s dead to me.

We first found out about his addiction last year. I tried to help him out around his house fixing a few things and showing him how to fix things when he first went got out of rehab last year.


He relapsed.

He checked back into rehab and was doing better. He came back to work and I was still trying to be his friend.


This lasted about two months.

Two weeks ago he went to the ER for what he said was pneumonia. I tried to believe him. We found out about a week later that his pneumonia wasn’t pneumonia.


He was released from the hospital and went AWOL.

He checked back into rehab.

He left two days later.

He tried to call me tonight.

I couldn’t bring myself to answer the phone.

He texted me.

I can’t respond.

He had friends and family with two young kids. His wife is also a junky. I wish that their kids can still have a good life in spite of what they’ve done to them.


Fuck heroin.

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