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On Hot Rods And Inspiration

Look at this ‘34 “Mercury” truck, just featured on Speedhunters. It’s perfect. Color, style, mechanicals, perfect. And it makes me think. I read Street Rodder & similar mags as a kid, went to March Meet & the Nostalgia Drags at Famoso every year, and spent a lot of Saturday nights at Santa Maria Speedway’s 1/3 mile dirt track before I leaned hard into Euro cars in my early teens. My dad & uncles grew up in 50’s & 60’s SoCal, the epicenter of hot rod lore, and I was steeped in their stories of the cars & culture. It is thus that I sense a need to return to my roots. I hadn’t thought much of it at first, but I suppose the Fairlane is a first step in that direction, but it’s only the first. I need to build a steel Ford hot rod someday, because these cars just speak to me. The elegant, understated style of a well considered build is a hard thing to beat, and stands up against the best style from Europe, in my opinion.

I’ll stay into European metal, but I think the balance of interest is shifting, and I’m looking forward to finding out where it takes me in coming years. My Craigslist searches have swung from a decidedly German bias to a more ‘Merican dialect. Maybe I’ll find something worth dragging home, to store & sit on while I plan & save for whatever it may become in the future. Even if it’s another 10 years, it sure is fun to think about.


Enjoy a couple of cars that I find deeply inspiring in that direction, that “Merc” first:

And the car that really got me thinking about ‘rods again a couple years ago, this simply stunning ‘32 Ford, also from Speedhunters:


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