On insurance

Alright oppo, you may have seen my previous posts about my accident woes, rebuilding the GTO and such. Now the time has come for me to pay the piper.

$4300 a year insurance premium. Fuuuuuck you.

So, they want me gone. I’m gone. I’ve shopped around and the best I’ve found are Geico (meh ??) and Allstate (less meh?) for around $200-$220 a month.


My only other option is sell the car and buy something else that is less expensive or just buy a shitbucket that isn’t worth anything and do stupid stuff to it to make it fast. That’s alot of work just for insurance though.

I don’t think I want to sell the car but considering that the “normal” rates I’m getting are between $250-$350 a month...

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