I sold my Z today.

It’s a complicated mixture of feelings. It’s great that it sold, I hate trying to sell things. I’m glad it’s got a home and my MR2 can have free reign of the car port. I never quite loved this Z like I did my first, it’s just a car right?

One of many, many beach trips with its old friend the Evo 6 TME


Driving home from a friends’ at 3am, pulled over under an overpass to put the roof on as it started raining

Wrong, dammit. I’ve been treating it as a car for too long. I drove it around, took it interstate on one of many holidays. It broke. I fixed it. I contemplated trying something new, I bought the MR2. I listed it for sale. It wasn’t until someone actually bought it that I realized how much I’d miss it. All those years of it looking beautiful and never letting me down left a bigger mark than I knew they would. All the memories, the fixing things when I first got it, trips to the beach, driving with the roof off in day, night, rain, cold whenever, they’re all tied to the car. It’s like an old friend at this point, it’s a part of me that I should never have to let go of.


One of many 300ZX cruises

I felt it when I took it to get a Roadworthy Certificate, required for sale where I live. The last time I’ll ever drive it. I hadn’t driven it for a few weeks, so every little difference to the MR2 stood out vividly. I was acutely aware of how luxurious the interior was by comparison, how the V6 sounded, and how the feedback of every input was a world apart (for better or worse). These are things you forget when you drive a car for too long, it all just sinks to the back of your mind as you accustom to it and you can’t even remember how it feels compared to other cars. In this case, all it did was foreshadow the longing I’d feel when it was gone.


As a wedding car for my best friend’s wedding

There was a distinct reality shift when I saw my Z drive away for the last time, when I went from being a 300ZX owner to not being a 300ZX owner. I felt myself trying to commit to memory how it looked inside and out, how it felt with the roof off, how it drove. Just minutes earlier it was my car that I was trying to sell, that I could’ve driven at any point and chose not to. But after that critical point it became a memory, a thing I’d owned in the past, with memories I could no longer relive and that would only fade.


This was my third 300ZX, my second Z32, but I don’t think it will be my last. I think I’ve developed too much of a love for these cars to never buy another. I predict that one day in the distant future it’ll hit me and I’ll have to get one. Hopefully I can keep it forever, it’s not such a bad car for reliving your youth.

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