When I first saw that grey RS6 Avant cruising down Presidente Masaryk a few years ago, I was stunned. It had a perfect stance, and the flared fenders made it look very powerful. A very attractive car... for sure. But what kept racing in the back of my mind was... Where did they buy it?

An European-market RS6 Avant in Mexico City
An European-market RS6 Avant in Mexico City

While it is a shame that Audi never imported the RS6 Avant to Mexico through dealers, it’s typical of VWAG to keep the most interesting cars they sell away from our shitty roads. Think, the Scirocco, or the Audi S1, the Phaeton, the manual Cupras and Cayennes, or even Skodas. It’s not like Mexico has a complicated or even time consuming regulatory burden on car companies. After all, they do sell the RS7. If VW didn’t want to sell the RS6 avant here... it was because they were lazy or were making stereotypes about the Mexican market.


Surely the US has more vehicular regulations than we do. But still, if Audi wanted to sell the RS6 Avant... just like Mercedes sold the E63 wagon... they would’ve been able to. They didn’t do it for the same reason they didn’t bring it here... Because they were lazy.

I don’t think Audi deserves any sort of merit for finally importing the RS6 to America. If anything those ads showing “25 years in the making” should serve as a reminder that they were so lazy that they took 25 years to finally react.

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