Bear with me, this will get to cars if you can stick with it.

I am starting a new marketing effort. An HR consultant reached out to me because he needs a lawyer to work with. The problem is that most lawyers are kind of shitty people (especially in LA for some reason). So he found me, and wants to pursue a business and referral relationship. Economic dating, so to speak.

I reviewed and revised his handbook, and he is going to connect me with small and medium sized family businesses in SoCal. Wednesday, I go down to Brea to talk to a group of auto repair shop owners, a demographic he is apparently connected to around the state. I would love to work with those guys.

They have problems. Flag rates have effectively been banned here as a compensation system, and mechanics have to be paid 2x minimum wage if they supply their own tools. Our minimum wage is $10 for small businesses, but will be $15 by 2023.

Sadly, the unintended consequence is less jobs for mechanics, because small shops cannot afford to hire them and grow.


I am totally going to ask these guys for sources for Japanese car parts. SoCal is the mecca of Japanese vintage cars, so I may well strike gold.

See, I told you this would come around to cars.