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On the loss of another GP racer...

For all the non MotoGP people here, Luis Salom, a World Championship racer has died today in Catalunya during FP2, almost emulating the horrible crash of Daijiro Kato more than a decade ago...

He was 24 years old (my age) and he joins the ranks of unfortunately several racers that have died in the last few years in MotoGP, he was a very very talented guy, he was up for the championship in the Ultra-competitive Moto3 two years ago when Little Marquez won the championship in the last race.


This to me just brings back memories when Marco Simoncelli died 5 years ago and it just makes me incredibly sad (I literally cried for days when Marco died).

I know this isn’t the kind of place that gives as much attention to the two wheeled world, but aside from the MotOPPO announcement of 1-race hiatus, there wasn’t anything about it and I felt like it just couldn’t not be mentioned.


Rest in Peace, Mexicano, be sure to have fun with Sic, Dai and Showa for us.

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