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On the mortality of cars

*UPDATE* the motherfucker worked ONCE. I’m so pissed. I got my bluetooth dongle to connect ONCE. By the time I went to get the good scantool that can actually read the airbag light it was back to being non-communicative.

I’m genuinely scared that my 528i is at the end of its useful life. Unless I can figure out this new OBD issue, it can never pass state inspection again. This car has been so great to me, and while I always figured I would be its last owner I’m not ready to let go of it yet.


I had mentioned the OBD issue in a previous post but didn’t describe it in detail. No scantool seems to be able to communicate with the car, either through the OBD2 port or the under-hood BMW diagnostic port. The cause could be anything from a bad ECU to a break somewhere in the ~5,000 feet of wiring this car has. Whatever it is, diagnosing it is beyond my knowledge and capabilities.

Internet’s been no help, when I try to search I just get people complaining about their bluetooth dongle not working. I however have tried two different devices, one of which I know worked fine with this car last month, so I know the problem is with the car.

My next step is to take it to a shop and see if their expensive scantools can come up with a different result. I haven’t been able to think of how I’ll go about asking for what’s essentially a free diagnostic though because that’s my budget right now.

Because of the mileage (265k) it’s worth next to nothing in trade-in. Edmunds says $300. With the current state of my finances I would have to take out a personal loan or a lease in order to get a new car. Either way, I end up in a cheap penalty box appliance that I’m going to abhor driving every day. I couldn’t pick and choose my next car, it would come down to “whatever I can afford”. As an enthusiast the thought of that distresses me greatly.


I can’t give this car up, I love it too much and have had too many great memories with it. I can’t have a car that I’m not going to enjoy.

This is putting me in a funk, Oppo.

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