Just because the car passed inspection doesn’t mean there isn’t lots of work to still be done though.

Getting the rear brakes healthy enough to pass the parking brake test revealed yet another brake problem, although not an entirely unexpected one. I replaced the front brake hoses when I had the engine out last year. I replaced one of the rear hoses when it started to leak earlier this year. I left the last hose alone because it wasn’t leaking, and I didn’t have a spare anyway. Checking the brakes out yesterday revealed that the last hose is plugged up and little if any pressure from the pedal is making it to the wheel cylinder. SO I’ve ordered a new set of rear hoses (I can’t buy them singly for some reason, even though I can get front hoses singly). I think I’m going to make a video about installing them, so I can write them off as a “business expense”, now that I know it’s acceptable to do so for things that make an appearance in a youtube video...

After that, the front end is getting refreshed. I have new rotors and pads for the brakes, and new lower ball joints (uppers are a huge PITA to replace, and still look ok anyway) also apparently need new lower bushings. Yeah, I went through heck and hell replacing the damned things less than a year ago, but the ones on the passenger side have already started to crack apart. I guess I should’ve bought the expensive ones instead of the cheap ones. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

After that it’s road trip time.