So I listed these three rollers on Craigslist for $25 apiece. New old stock, as you can see.

It’s a Sunday afternoon, and I should be in napping with my wife, and this guy wants to buy them. He drives up in a ‘69 El Camino that is a rolling disaster. It’s full of tools and loose parts and the dash is completely missing and all of the switches are hanging by their wires. The guy, who’s about 60, can barely walk and the tires currently installed look much like this:


Well, the one on the left. With pieces of tread missing. So I do what any Christian would do on a Sunday when he should not be conducting business anyway: I offer to install them for him. Which I am happy to do and I drag out my electric impact wrench and my floor jack and it takes about 15 minutes. I also replace missing and mismatched lug nuts...

And he leaves me a souvenir:


And I can’t stop smiling.