On the third day of Modmas my true car gave to me...

yeah i know its dirty. And that bumper scrape is the only body damage on the entire car surprisingly. Even the front bumper is lacking the usual scrapes for a car of this age.

A roadstersport muffler in a pear tree!


Today I installed my roadstersport muffler and also finished my miataroadster shifter install. It was a whole lot of USER ERROR on not following the instructions. I totally forgot that metal extention piece and the longer bolts. But anyways, now its all back together and everything is beautiful. I did run into a snafu with the stupid exhaust hangers, gave me trouble getting the one side on so I just left it off for now. I will fix it when I do the midpipe. But all that matters is no leaks and it seems to be held on well enough with the midpipe hangers and the other side being firmly attached. Obviously it would be bad to leave it like this, since it could damage the midpipe or muffler, but I wont leave it that way for long. It was absolutely wonderful though that the exhaust nuts came off with zero trouble. So nice not having rusty junk here in Socal!

Old muffler with 242k miles on it and 18 years old doesnt even look that bad.

Happy Modmas as I shall call this spree of parts adding!

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