Does anyone ever think about old dealerships that have closed down, now either demolished or operating as another business, and how you remember them back in their heyday? I do pretty often.

This is Vulcan Lincoln-Mercury in Vestavia, Alabama, which was once Birmingham’s premier Lincoln-Mercury dealership. I have vague memories of seeing them in operations, gazing at new Town Cars and Navigators up front on the lot, back about 10-15 years ago.


Vulcan Lincoln-Mercury ended up closing its doors around 2010, after Mercury went belly up and the Lincoln side of the dealership was swallowed up by a nearby Ford dealer. The building, however, was not quite done with car sales, as it was eventually purchased and turned into something called “Market Direct,” which focused on used cars and sales of those Panther-based VPG MV-1 access vans (you can see them in the third picture). This operation did not last long, as the building was soon left abandoned a few months afterwards.

The last picture is from December, and shows how the building stands now. I passed by it yesterday while in traffic and saw that construction was going on, so I highly doubt that it will remain in its current form, either going through renovation or demolishment, for much longer. Just to think, people saved up cash to go into this building once not too long ago to buy a new Grand Marquis or Mountaineer, and now it’s just a large concrete husk.


Anybody else have any stories like these? I could sit here going on all day long about our Saab and Isuzu dealerships in Birmingham, but I’d rather hear stories from others.

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