OK bear with me, I’m half seeking advice and half just rambling.

Part of the reason I’ve never picked up a second car is that I would have nowhere to keep it. I only have one parking spot available to me. That will be changing in a few months, and if I’m good about saving I can probably budget $3-4k for a second car by the time I get my next tax return. So that begs the question, what the hell do I shop for???


Many of you know my DD is a manual E39 528i, which is possibly one of the best-driving “regular” cars out there. If I’m looking for something better to drive that means picking up an out-and-out sports car. My concern is that anything more engaging to drive than my DD is going to be out of my price range.

So rather than searching for a better driving experience, how about a different one? My options for that would be:

  • 4x4
  • Traditional Luxury
  • Convertible
  • Classic American
  • Classic Euro

4X4: This is the most practical option as it gives me a snow vehicle. If I go this rout imma do it right and get something with solid axles and low range. Ideally I’d want a Wrangler for the top-down experience but a good one of those in my price range is a hard ask. If I end up with a fixed roof 4X4 then I’m not going to get much driving pleasure and it’ll be solely a utilitarian purchase.

Traditional Luxury: I’m thinking like an old Jaaaaag or something similarly cushy with an automatic trans that I can cruise around town in, but ultimately it might be too similar to the car I already have and I wouldn’t get much out of owning it.

Convertible: Kind of a broad category but I’d consider anything other than a VW Cabrio. I may be gay but I’m not that gay. I live in a perfect place to own a ‘vert and if I could pick up a 1G Sebring or C70 for cheap I probably wouldn’t even touch my BMW all summer.


Classic American: Doesn’t have to be a muscle car, as long as it has a burbly carbureted V8. Bonus points if I can score a classic convertible. Problem is most classics in my price range need rust repair and that’s not something I know how to do.

Classic Euro: I don’t want anything too similar to my E39 to drive and own, so that cuts out a lot of German options. It would be awesome if I could find myself a Merc R107 or a Volvo P1800 within my budget but it’s not likely. Downsides are the same as with Classic American but with worse parts availability.


So what would you go for if you were me?

P.S. Before you all start chanting “MIATA! MIATA!”, just know that I am a big guy and I would not fit comfortably in one. That also means many classic euro cars like an MG or Fiat 124 are out of the question.

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