On the topic of house hunting...

The Mrs. and I, along with our brother-in-law (generous fella who’s kicking an extra out of pocket loan our way to help make it happen) put an offer on the above house last week. It was a lowball and we knew it. The offer was ignored. So, BIL requests a sit-down over coffee with the listing agent (also the owner) to come to an agreement over the price. He negotiates bigly business deal for a living, so Mrs and I stayed home, only telling him what our max offer would be beforehand. He called us afterwards and said “Congrats! You just bought a house!” The man looked my BIL in the eye, said “you’ve got a deal, send me the paperwork,” shook hands and walked out. Mrs. and I signed the offer ASAP, and sent it over to him. The offer expired at 5pm that day (this was Sunday), but by 6pm, we hadn’t heard anything back.

This GD SLIMY MFer used our signed, verbal-and-handshake-agreed-to offer to go out and gain leverage to get a higher offer, without even the (albeit still-slimy) courtesy of asking if we could match it. We only received a call that evening after he had accepted a verbal-only higher offer. What a shit businessman, and a shit human being.


I’ll gladly share his information with anyone wanting to buy a home in the Portland area so they can steer clear.

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