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On the Verstappen and Leclerc incident

I’ll get to my opinion in a second, but I was actually surprised by the poll results showing on F1's website.

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I was expecting to to be split or more in favor of “no penalty”.

I’m actually in the “deserving of a penalty” camp. This incident seems to be much more deserving of a penalty than the Vettel one (Vettel did not seem to have complete control of the car yet when he moved to “block” Hamilton).


In this case the cars were wheel to wheel (i.e. neither had the lead position) and as far as I know the written and unwritten rules are that space must be left on the track when neither car is clearly ahead.

I think Max had a hell of a race and probably would have passed Leclerc by the end of the race anyways, but the move he did choose was a bit too aggressive and ambitious.

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