One year ago, I bought a 2017 Mustang GT. This is what I did with it during the first year of ownership...

GRAND CANYON TEST RUN: I needed to get some baseline gas mileage data on the new car, so my co-pilot and I drove to the Grand Canyon and back. 2500 miles and 37 hours later, we determined that the V8 had averaged just a bit over 25 miles per gallon. Plus, it is a hoot to drive.

CANNONBALL RUN: The reason for the Grand Canyon test run was to gather data, test our driving protocols, and practice our refueling routine for our New York to LA drive. That road trip went very well... we accomplished our goal of a sub-40 hour drive across country, and even averaged 24.5 MPG while doing it. The car ran flawlessly.


FALL ROAD TRIP: We needed to ferry a car out to the west coast for a friend, so the Mustang got to make another trip to California. We stopped by the Bonneville Salt Flats for pictures, but I didn’t run the car down the salt (I’ve made that mistake before, and I couldn’t bring myself to do that to a new car). Again, the car ran great. It is a fine Grand Touring machine; comfortable, acceptable gas mileage, plenty of power, and a decent range between gas stops.

Of course, the car has seen a couple of shorter road trips, as well as occasional trips to work or just tooling around. It has been to 21 of the lower 48 states - I hope to make it to the other 27 this year.


I was surprised at how good the gas mileage has been. Of course, around town, it can be considerably worse than my old ‘14 V6 Mustang, but out on the road it is very comparable... usually within a couple MPG of the sixxer.


Overall, I’m very happy with the new Mustang. I looks great, pulls hard, and makes all the right sounds. Now, to get the 2018 road trips planned out...