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On This Weeks Episode of Versus: The $30k Challenge ….

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Let the fanboys fight, 2016 Miata VS Mustang.

When it comes to 30 grand with a Mustang you're either getting a V8 in base trim or a Ecoboost with some options you want (assuming no one wants the V6 anymore). Getting 450hp(?) or even just 300hp while only paying 30 large is a good deal that no one could complain about.


On the other side you can get a Miata with virtually every option you want. Not to mention 200hp(?) in a car that weighs close to 1,500lbs less than the Mustang means it certainly isn't a slow-poke. I think it goes without saying that Mazda is also on a hot streak when it comes to styling, I'm excited for how it will look.

So what will it be Oppo?




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