I don’t like them and I’m going to attempt to tell you why.

*Brrrrt* *bang* *other dumb sounds*

It’s just fakery. Maybe on the surface it’s not as fake as fake exhaust speakers but it’s all the same crap. Whether it’s a slow car or a fast car, it’s all faked for show. Like that big ol’ wing on the Countach but that’s different okay.


I think it’s like all that crazy chrome on old American cars or digital crap in the 80s or the current trend of way overstyling a car. It will become critically uncool, die a quick death, and remain forever a relic of the times.

And it will happen somewhere around the time it trickles down from expensive Mercedes’ to Mercedes hatchbacks to Nissans to Hyundais to whatever turds China are trying to squeeze into bloated markets these days.