On today's episode of nFamous goes truck shopping

2 trucks, a few hours of wasted time.

The idea for this all was an old Powerstroke, 15k to spend, high mile 7.3 or a bulletproofed 6.0 *or* an older Cummins.

Found an 05 2500 with a Cummins and 300k but the body looked decent. Showed up to your typical auction buyers dealership with maybe 2 dozen assorted vehicles on the lot. The body looked great, although it had a street armor heavy duty bumper that looked like it was DIY line-x’ed which was peeling off. No biggy, I can redo. Did I mention they only wanted $10k? So it starts up faster than my car does and I pop the hood. Wtf spaghetti wiring. There’s wiring taps everywhere, a ram power box from 20 years ago and the fan making funky noises - oh it’s not spinning. Killed the engine and notice a piece of 4 strand insulated wire with the end lopped off sticking out the fan. Salesman tries to remove it and can’t figure out where it’s going. (I knew at 300k and $10k price tag it would be interesting but damn. )


So after this I finally get ahold of the King Ranch owner I’ve been trying to look at. Good ole downtown tunnel traffic on the way. Get out there and it looks ok for being an 03. What sold me was the list of work that had been done and it was a 6.0 and bulletproofed - for $15750 though. Popped the hood aaaand head bolts. “such and such performance says it was already egr deleted and bullet proofed” “well, these are bolts and should be studs”. This one was weird too because 75% o the pinstripe was removed and it looke like it took tje clearcoat with it. Needless to say my hopes of getting a big old diesel are dwindling.

Thats why I’m taking a look at an 09 1500 Sport tomorrow because I’m a glutten for punishment.


Anyways, here’s Sammy. He has terrible form.

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