the easiest meal to cook

weeeell... unless you count frozen pizzas or those ready to nuke tv dinners

cheese stuffed tortelinis with pesto and smoked salmon... topped with mozzarella

just boil the tortellinis till they’re all fluffed up and cooked.. then drain them.. throw em back in the pot on the lowest heat as you mix in a couple teaspoons of pesto (to taste) then take the pot of the heat and mix in your sliced and diced smoked salmon (the heat from the pasta will lightly cook it)


and hey pesto ready to be covered in cheesy goodness and eaten

(i normally cook some green beans in with the pasta for the sake of vitamins but i forgot its sunday and missed my shopping window so barebones it is)


(dont worry i dont plan to make a habbit of this... im just bored waiting for my nightshift)

(by not making a habbit i mean i wont be doing this again till the next time im bored.... so god knows:p)