I get to play with dangerous forces and install this rebuilt 289 D-code 4bb V8 w/C4 transmission into the Mustang tonight! Because plot twist, I’ve been working on another Mustang that isn’t my own.


I’ve been restoring this 64.5 Mustang since April and somehow managed to keep it under wraps this long (unless you know me on the FB). My therapist/life coach bought it from one of his clients and thought, “I know a guy who likes this kinda stuff”and here I am doing this! Funny how that happens.

Once I get this in tonight, all that’s left is brakes, connecting the rest of the electrics, interior, and paint. And I need to have this all done before winter. So yeah, it’s a bit of a race. But it turns out I’m more capable of doing car things than I let on, so there’s that. This whole venture can only be described by me as “Neat”.

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