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Only made it from Colorado City to Colorado springs, Was hoping for Fort Collins tonight, But had to sit out the weather at the wal mert I pulled into for some wiper blades and snacks. It rained in the car a little bit but not terribly considering the weather Colorado got today, I replaced wiper blades, had to bend them up to get them to sweep right then zippy tie them down tight because they don’t go on this car.


groovy abandoned service station.

the engine burns no oil and it’s leakage is well within reason for barn car, (genuine barn car, with some barn aroma) After day one’s cautiously spirited driving, she’s developed a bad gear oil leak, manageable but I’ll have to stay on top of it. (she’ a she. a beautiful blue lady unashamed of her couple of wrinkles, and her name is Corvelma (just kidding about the name)). My Photos are being kinja’d, and the pikes peak budget host wi-fi is, well, budget. more to come. Dash and Corvelma both still alive.


also jiggered some wires and got dash lights, so at least one fix on the road today.

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