On the way home just now, we passed an old Buick- I believe it was a 1956 Roadmaster sedan - driving on a 35 mph speed limit road. Beautiful car - grey and white two tone, and today is a gorgeous day for it here in Chicago.

In the front was mom and dad, and in the back seat was a girl of about 4 or 5, bouncing around, standing on the floor and leaning over the back of the front seat to talk to her parents.

I’m sure she was enjoying the ride in the old car, and probably happy to be free. And to be fair, that was normal when I was a kid growing up. But in this day and age, it seems crazy.


As someone who loves old cars, I’d love to have an old car - but I don’t think I’d ever take my son for a ride, which would suck big time. But they’re just not safe, especially with out so much as a lap belt in the back (you’d be very lucky to have lap belts in the front of that car, forget the back).

For those of you with truly old cars and kids, how do you handle it?

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