For over 15 years i’ve wanted a R33 GTR. Specifically a Vspec in the color posted or Midnight Purple. I have a no compromise budget to accomplish this and i’ve started the process. I don’t plan to do much modding to it, anything I do would keep it streetable. While a Skyline is fun to drive if I want a car that makes power from low RPM, for autocross which I enjoy, but giving me my JDM happiness it’s just really not possible.

As much as I want a GTR I also want something else. Something that won’t be too fast for me. Something easy to drive. Something that would be good at autocross. Something I can put a small responsive full boost at 3000rpm or less turbo in. I also realize that I am not an expert driver and want something with such niceties like ABS.


Yes, maybe that.

I talked with Pacific Coast Auto on what I can expect to get these cars from and these Celicas are very inexpensive. In my own research it seems they are also way overbuilt. Supra brakes, very good air to water intercooler, etc. The only thing it is missing for me I want a modern turbo, which i’ll have to figure out what twin scroll options there are. EFR 6258 would be what I would choose but I haven’t found any twin scroll internal gate manifolds to fit that turbo like you can find for the RB engines. Also no small twin scroll turbos I can find are external gate. Full-Race sells that turbo and a twin scroll EFR manifold for the 3sgte but oddly not one for internal gated turbos of a reasonable size. I would be going with Link G4 as well for management. It seems everything else on this car, injectors, fuel pump, supporting hardware, etc is all up to the task of what I would want unlike how in the Skyline GTS-T I had to upgrade literally everything.

This is what I call a dangerous consideration. Buying two at once and hoping to not drown in the costs of doing what I want with them. I believe I have the means and one night I might just do it on an impulse.

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