As you may be able to tell from my edited picture above, I think tickets, speeding in particular are nothing but cash grabs for the PD and city coffers: and very little, to nothing to do with safety.

It seems though that over the last 2 decades PD's have needed these revenue streams to keep afloat. Endless labor issues in one jurisdiction or another, the "job action" tactics and the never ending fight over "Essential Service" definitions have made the public weary and disgusted at both local politicians and the police alike.

The cops have one real disadvantage here in that they come face to face with the public everyday and have to actually hand out these 'tax', I mean tickets to those unfortunate enough to get caught.

Now some people do deserve these tickets. Speeding in school zones is an absolute NO NO! Speeding in construction zones where people are working on and around the road are absolute NO NO's! There are others you can think of but not that many and truth be told, they punish the already taken action and do not prevent the action from taking place to begin with. Giving the guy a ticket after he has killed the school kid is of no consequence to anyone at all.

My question to all of you is this: Not if but when the automated car and or road system is implemented, where will the cops and the politicians make up for that lost revenue stream?