I started doing these when our dear friend Eric Siedlecki kinda sorta went "missing" (actually I started doing them when he asked for some help with them). The problem is, I'm kinda bored with Oppo/Jalopnik right now, the inspiration is.. well, gone. I'd love to see the OCG continue, but I feel that I'm no longer the man to make these things.

I know you're back (or sort of back) Eric, so if you'd like to start making these again I'd be happy as a hippo.. But if you don't feel up to it I think the torch should be passed on, I can compile a list of what we've done and so on so that whoever would like to do this can see what's been done and not done.


BUT, the question is, how does Oppo feel about OCG? Should it still be a thing, or should we just retire the whole thing?

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