Welcome to One Car Garage, in which I choose a manufacturer, and you decide one single vehicle that they make or made (no matter how old, no matter how exclusive) to live with for the rest of your life. This is your only vehicle, and all expenses are paid for, including price of entry, insurance, gas, etc.

Yesterday we spent our time in England taking a look at the offerings from the luxury marque Bentley. Today, we'll be moving off from luxury and picking our lifer from a brand that's been receiving mixed reviews lately: Honda.

Honda is a bit tough for me. Maybe it's because I'm up way too late typing this, which is causing me to completely disregard one or several amazing cars they've offered over the years (the NSX just wouldn't work as a daily for me), or maybe I'm just way too picky. Either way, I've only been able to bring it down to a couple of choices, both of which have AWD. But being as I'm strangely and sometimes violently opposed to sedans, I've decided that I have to choose the latest Honda MDX (Acura over here in the States). It's got enough room, power and driven wheels to get through pretty much anyhting I'd need it for on a daily basis, so it'll have to do. What's your choice?