Welcome to One Car Garage, in which I choose a manufacturer, and you decide one single vehicle that they make or made (no matter how old, no matter how exclusive) to live with for the rest of your life. This is your only vehicle, and all expenses are paid for, including price of entry, insurance, gas, etc.

Yesterday I had a tough time coming to a decision with Honda. Today though, will be one of the easier decisions I’ll make when it comes to One Car Garage. We’re going with Nissan.

Sometimes when I’m picking a car, I may have something in mind (like yesterday’s NSX) that I’d absolutely love to have, but I’m not so in love that it’s impracticalities make it worth the hassle of it being my only car. You can see where I’ve overcome this with a couple of my decisions in the past (RS200). When it comes to Nissan, I’m so in love with the GT-R that I don’t care that it has a small rear seat and not a ton of storage space. I don’t care that if I ever have kids, they’re going to be stuck crawling into the back seat for as long as they ride in the car with me. It’s just something we’re all going to have to live with, and dear jebus will it be glorious.