One Car Garage... One Car for it All

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So, after checking out the article on best cars for a One-Car Fleet at road & track today, i decided to give it a go, and thought out what would be the one car for all my needs.


I will try to start by describing a bit of my lifestyle.

I am a gearhead:

1 - In the mid twenties.

2 - Have a very short commute to work, usually there under 15 minutes and only need to lug a laptop around.


3 - Currently dating but with no kids.

4 - Occasionally need to help mom and grandmother carry stuff around, mostly old household stuff.


5 - Go out with my buddies to the pub once or twice a week.

5 - Live in a country with sunny weather for most of the year.

6 - And as for outdoor activities, I play basketball, jog a bit and frequently visit the beach.


So, what would i drive all year round in all occasions?

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The RS4 Avant, it hits all the right notes with me because:

1 - I cant have enough of its looks, so so sexy in red.

2 - It’s fast and loud, thanks to the 4.2 litre v8 under the hood.

3 - Has space for me, all my mates and probably to haul some of mom and granny’s old household thingey’s.


Plus whenever me and GF decide to get married, and have kids, gearhead dad would already be prepared.

now tell me, what would be your car of choice to meet all your needs?

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