Ran clean all day except for the last run of the morning. Normally, I wouldn’t think too much of it, but that 2.00 second penalty put me behind the leading stock FWD time by 1.6 seconds. The van reacts to lift oversteer so well, and I am getting decent at tapping the brake to get it to rotate. I still can’t get used to driving with two feet. I know that would help significantly.

I also need to invest in a better quality camera. Bought a cheap $50 GoPro knock off off Amazon, and the quality shows. Any advice for cost-friendly cameras?


You can hear me swear at the cone in Morning Run 5b. Best time was Afternoon Run 5. Improvement of 11 seconds from the day. I had to rerun the 5th run of the morning due to dogs getting out on the field. That was exciting.

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