Having been busy with work and school, I haven't been around much the last few weeks. However, I thought I'd pop in long enough to share the fun afternoon I had yesterday:

At around 5 pm, a coworker of mine stopped by my cubicle and asked if I wanted a ride in his 1978 Fiat X1/9 (This is the same coworker that has all of the vintage Hondas). Of course, I said yes. While the 1.3L doesn't produce a lot of power, the 2000 lb weight make this thing feel quick (it wasn't, however). It does feel light on its feet and took the corners quite nicely, with grace. It felt pretty much on par with his Frog-eye Sprite, maybe even a little better. You sit quite low, however. It was a bit odd to come to an intersection next to a second generation Ford Explorer, and only be as tall as mid-door. For being a 30+ year old Italian sports car, it has held up well. It has seen a respray, and is missing the interior trim around the 8-track player, but those are minor things. It is also sans emissions equipment, definitely for the better.

It was a fun way to end a work day, and served as a little reminder to myself that you don't always need horsepower to have fun.