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One Cougar and two gators

Just returned from a 10 day vacation spent in the two Carolinas. While I’ve seen large gators in Costa Rica on a river tour, I’ve never seen them on the golf course in person before. Until this trip! Fuzzy gator pics after the jump!

For the one out of the water, it was guarding my ball. I let it go ahead and keep it. The one in the water hissed at me.


Fun times! When I was in NC, my pa in law took me to the race shop to have a buddy school me on some welding. He made it look so effortless, he welds all of the exhaust assemblies on the JR Motorsports Xfinity cars. I, however, cannot make pretty welds. My first attempts in, oh, 30 years or so...


I did get better as time went on. The guy at the shop said for what I’d be doing, a 110v MIG would be sufficient. My father in law wants to give me has Hobart 220, which I’d then have to get 220 run into the garage.

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