If there's anything in the world I'd love to do this year, I'd love to finally be able to finally be given permission to drive my Dad's 911.

For years(mind you, I'm 18) I've dreamed of driving this car, gotten many Hot Wheels of 911s, Carreras and what have you; my best car in Forza 4 is a 993 GT2. I have dreamed about this car for the longest time and have longed to drive one since before I got my license.

However, each time I asked, I was denied the possibility by my dad, and for good reason; I couldn't drive a manual then. Now, with my Focus ST, I've successfully driven, learned and tamed the manual tranny to the point that I'm capable of handling the 911. Will this be the year that he finally hands me the key to the car?!

Now this is where the "Porsche-Tamer" is asking Porsche advice from the you all; tell me, whoever has driven a 911(G-model, 964, 993 ect.) What is it like to drive one? Any quirks, habits that the car has that I should know about if I do get the opportunity? Acceleration, handling, brakes, the 915 transmission? Any help would be greatly appreciated!