Today Hector Beltran Leyva , the famous drug kingpin and organized crime ring leader, died because of a heart attack. This man oversaw one of the deadliest criminal enterprises in our history, if you exclude rebellions, and together with Joaquin Lopez Loera he made ten billion dollars shipping cocaine to the United States.

So what? well. our focus so far with the misguided mini war on terror drug wars was to capture the leaders of cartels hoping that their structure would be too fragile to survive, little did our government expect for billion dollar multinational corporations to have a rule of succession, or even a contingency plan.

Jesus...Just how stupid were they?

Ever since 2006 the army just walks on the streets of countless towns, and do so in an ineffective way, and its been a topic of debate since. We just want to change...


But we’ve been here before; in 2012 when the current president also promised to get the army off the streets. Instead we saw the largest increase in crime since records are taken. I don’t know what to attribute this to, but Peña Nieto simply didn’t stand up to the challenge that his sexennial threw at him.

The current President Elect already showed his national defense strategy and it was criticized by members of his own party... the so called National Regeneration Movement party wants to keep the army on the streets, over a different name and we know it doesn’t work. We just do and it’s painful to think that they’re even considering the army. As one of his party members said himself “throwing a rock at a State Trooper yields a different result that throwing it at a Marine”


But the depressing fact about this country is that as long as people north of our border want drugs, we will be a hotspot for them. The thing about our border is that it isn’t just an imaginary line in sand... in many ways it’s an imaginary line across water, across the air, and across people; we can’t get rid of this issue by declaring the southern border a DMZ.

Anyway, you guys don’t even get the short end of the stick... Whenever a drug becomes un popular or uneconomic, these well funded operations already have a lot of infrastructure: bribes, guns, people, allegiances, and money to spare. They turn around and just try to enforce their ways, which inevitably include extortion, forceful labour, and terrorizing others.


There’s nothing cool about drug dealers, neither are they worthy of being presented on Netflix to make money. These people murdered hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed the lives of millions more. Sure, more people die in Mexico because of pollution but at least when we talk about climate change we don’t call it entertainment. But I digress.

I just think that... whatever we’re doing isn’t working. Whatever can be done is hard to discern, and in the end. This guy died today and Lopez Loera is in Jail but their legacy will live to torture and traumatize the masses for years to come... Which is the real emergency now.