My first offeree has accepted the position. Hispanic woman, bilingual (born in Mexico, came here as a small.child), with adult children. Went back to school later in life, and has a resume that shows her clawing her way up the chain. This is exactly what I look for. To celebrate, I came home to have lunch with Toby and play with his 19 squeaker toy.


The funny part is that my detractors always call me a bigot and an immigrant-hating monster. My next offer will be in about half an hour to a 68 year old man who left the job to help his son with medical problems (he showed me a news article about his son’s experimental surgery at his interview) and wants to get back in. I think nobody takes him seriously due to his age, and their mistake is going to be to my benefit. My old firm offered him a part time job covering for vacationing partners, but I am going to offer him a full time job kicking ass.

We will see. In the meantime, all the articles (car events excepted) that mention me will call me a racist asshole. FAKE NEWZ!

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