Rain sensing headlights. I accept most people have the mental capacity to turn on their windshield wipers when raindrops begin to hit the windshield. Sure. What I don't trust is that most people have the mental wherewithal to turn on their damn headlights at the same time. Look, you troglodytes (not you, just everyone else), when it's raining and cars are moving about, as they do, it's really hard to see your un-lighted ass coming up from behind right as I exit the freeway. Or enter the freeway. Or otherwise need to merge.

God. Why does no one know this is the law? And why is it never enforced?

By the way, raining heavily in Central Texas for the first time in two years. While it's time for celebration, I have NEVER witnessed so many easily avoidable crashes, heard so many sirens, or seen so many wiped out barrier as I have these past two days.