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One heck of a ticket!

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So I got that belt fixed! I have an amazing story to tell of how I got it done...but that’ll come later. Today’s story is about a mysterious parking ticket I got!


As I got in my car this morning, I noticed there was a Parking Enforcement car in my apartment complex. My first thought was “aww, a Toyota Yaris is such a cute Parking Enforcement car!” then I realized the logo on the car...the city I live in! That’s when I turn my head towards the windshield. Oh crap, orange envelope.

I yank out the ticket and read it over. It has “no vehicle tags” followed by a city ordinance number. Alarmed thinking someone stole my license plates, I check my car, yep, both license plates are present.


So I checked the city’s law library. According to the law library, there is a city ordinance that every resident has to have a city sticker. Okay fine, so why wasn’t I informed I had to get one when I moved here? Oh, couple lines down...

The city is not responsible for informing residents to buy city stickers. Landlords are also not responsible for telling new tenants to buy city stickers. The city says residents are supposed to read all city ordinances (a book that’s longer than the Bible) upon moving into city limits...however, nobody is at all responsible for telling residents to even do that. Apparently the city also waits until July to start issuing tickets because that’s when the city sticker price jumps to $90. That’s a free $140 per resident.


My first reaction to moving into a new home has never been “better read all city ordinances”, but guess it better be now! lol

Neat, so literally a system designed to get the city money. Gotta love the cities that pretend to be like Chicago.

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