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One less beater on the roads...

My parents own a 2000 GMC Jimmy that has been slowly falling apart. Despite swapping the motor with a junkyard unit, the rest of it has fallen apart to the point where it needs to shuffle on to the scrapyard, or help someone else keep their heap on the road.

The problem is, my parents live on an island in Lake Michigan, and winter has arrived early. Here’s the road conditions as I departed their house:

Stopping distances were....sketchy.

They don’t salt or grit the roads, so the 15 minute drive to the ferry was a bit of a white knuckle experience. Thankfully my truck has nice mud & snow rated tires and we made it on the ferry with a few spots to spare.

It was very windy the day before, resulting in a rocky ride through a body of water called Death’s Door. But today was calm with minimal wave action. So a smooth ride back to civilization.


And now the Jimmy is back at my warehouse while I decide how to dispose of it. The transfer case is locked in low gear, but not in 4wd. The selector panel does not light up and pushing the buttons does nothing. The parking brake is seized up and one of the brake lines has blown. Otherwise it is in remarkably good condition for a 20 year old GM product. No rust on the body or anything. Hopefully I can get them $1000 for it.

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