What appears to be a normal E32 7-series up front, turns out to be the car that ate any other fourdoor from it's time.

Powered by a mighty 408 hp and 637nm 6.7-liter V16 (that's 16 cylinders! 16!) it was the fastest 7-series of it's time. It could sprint from 0-100 km/h in just 6 seconds and get it going to 285km/h. Engineers started to work on this project in July 1987 and finished it in late '88. The only BMW gearbox that could handle this power was the 6-speed automatic from the 8-series coupe. This engine was so big that there was no space in the engine compartment for cooling anymore so that was moved to the trunk of the vehicle. The car and the engine were ready for production until they realised how much fuel it consumed. That number. It was just Too Damn High. The car is now located in BMW 'Secret Garage' which has a number of odd prototypes in it.