Old Doug DeDoucheBag just tweeted a picture of a small, French commuter car. and now every other car is dumb.

I'm sure people in the Olde World will already know about it, but the Peugeot 1007 is a small commuter car made from '04-'07 and came with a few little engines. The 1.6 diesel did have 194 lb ft though. It's has some kind of weird, mostly auto, transmission that I haven't figured out yet. It was also designed by Pininfarina.

The really cool thing is that it has automatic sliding doors, like a minivan. I sure wish this would have been the standard design of all cars ever instead of hinged doors (unless it's a fancy gull-wing or swan-wing style). Think of the future that could have been: no more door dings, no more fighting with your door on windy days or on hills. You can park in the tightest spots and still be able to get out (sorry rotund people). All while being a very safe and frugal hatchback with seating for 4 (probably just kids in the back though) and plenty of room in the back.

And it's a goddamn shame they don't still make it or something similar. A second generation, with some kinks worked out, would make it perfect. I assume there might be issues getting out if the track is damaged in an accident.


I'll let the most French car commercial ever demonstrate:

It also looks good with a bit of styling tweaks: