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One Million Readers Can't Be Wrong - Or Can They?

It's been about a year since I started posting here and along the way, I've had a few pieces that got traction. I've had a few that didn't, but let's not talk about those. And I write weekly for Car Buying so a couple of my pieces that did well were on that venue. So, if my memory serves me, here are the pieces of mine which got the reads.


That was my first to break 100K reads - and it blew past 200K and then 300K and kept on going. At one point, Yahoo! had it on their front page. People still use Yahoo!?

I had a couple with traffic ticket advice. Hey, if it works, run with it. This one broke 300K but drove me crazy because about half of those readers all came up with the original joke: "#1: Don't be black."


Traffic ticket myths ran well too. 100K and change.


This was my first piece on Car Buying. I figured they should all do this well, right? Eh.


Then a recent one about confusing disclaimers on car sellers' documents. Who'd have thought people want to read this stuff? I could have sworn I had one more that broke 100K but for the life of me, I can't remember. I have one that is getting close (mid 90s) but I have to wait . . . .

By my math, the reads on the posts above total 1,276,392.


Meanwhile, if you have not heard my most recent podcast please check it out. Among other things, I apologize to all non-attorneys for the things attorneys say. Listen. You'll understand. And the pic at the top is from the collection I saw a few weeks ago. Gotta love the ragtops.


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