Based on Big Bubba's post on two generations of the same car, what model of car, with one (or different) generations would you make your garage out of?

Mine's pretty obvious, considering my name...

...Yep! the GLi! :D

To start off, my weekend cruiser, a lightly restomoded Mk2 GLi 16v. It'd need 170hp, some meaty tires, big brakes, and suspension work. finished off with some nice BBS's, and black/dark grey paint!

Second, i'll need a car that is there for one purpose, and one purpose only. Sound. Enter the VW VR6 engine, one of the best sounding engines ever made. a variant of this engine was available in the Mk4 GLi, so i'll have an Mk4 GLi! Oh, and don't hold back on the blue paint, please! Aslo, get some mods on it, some good tires, bring the VR6 up to snuff with basic stuff, and you'll have a 250hp N/A VR6 sports sedan!


Now, I'll need a show car. Something that people will like to see! Just so happens VW made such a thing! it's called the Mk5 GLi Fahrenheit, and for some 250 lucky souls, it came with a 6-speed row-your-own! I'll need one of these, please! make sure it's low mileage, as well!

Now for the track toy! The GLi of the 6th generation is criticized for it's "Cheapening" Well then, we'll see about that! my Mk6 Gli will be pushing 310hp, and will be thoroughly prepped to handle turns, and straightaways. It'll be an "Autobahn" model, because it'll be made to destroy kilometres on it's way down the said Autobahn! For nostalgia's sake, let it be Red...


Last but definitely not least, i'll need a daily. Enter the new, Mk6.5 GLi! Mine would be a fully-loaded SEL model, with Canadian-spec leather, and RNS510 Nav system! also, get it a roof rack, so I can haul my skis around! This one will be silver, to blend in a bit...


so yeah, that's what I'd do if I had to have a one model garage! :D