As of yesterday, it’s been 1 month since getting my motorcycle license. During that time, I’ve ridden to work every day. I’ve also ridden everywhere else I had to go that I could ride a bike, so if I wasn’t dropping a kid off somewhere, buying something not easily transportable on 2 wheels, or traveling on the highway, I was riding. It’s been an absolute blast, and surprisingly, the 42 year old bike I put together with no experience has performed flawlessly (except the one time I ran out of gas).

I drive a reasonably economical 2007 Toyota Matrix, which runs me about $120 per month. In the past month of riding my baby Honda, I’ve spent less than $20 in gas for the bike, and about $30 for the car. Man, I’m going to be sad when it’s too cold for it to be practical to ride to work every day. Yeah, yeah, I know, there are guys who do it year round, but I’m not that hard core.

As the time has passed, I’m more and more comfortable on the bike. The first few trips to work in rush hour traffic were a little nerve wracking, but once I had a few trips under my belt, it became really, really enjoyable. Certainly more fun than the same mindless, boring commute it was in my car. The only thing I miss is being able to listen to podcasts. Maybe one day a Bluetooth equipped helmet will be in my future, but at least for right now, I feel like listening to something would be a distraction while I’m still very much a beginner.

Speaking of distractions, It’s AMAZING how acutely aware of other drivers and what they’re doing around me now. I’ve (as an adult) always been a careful driver, but if anything, I think spending some time on a bike has made me a better car driver. More defensive, for sure.

For an old guy who never even considered a bike until one fell in my lap, I’m in love.