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One Month Ownership of My E90

Time flies, I can’t believe that a complete month has gone by since owning the E90. Overall I am extremely happy with my decision and would do it again no question.

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The Good

  • It feels premium, tight and still fresh after 5 years. I loved that my Golf was refined and I felt right at home in this. The details I think are what turns a good experience into a great one, and this car does details well. Also, friends of mine have told me how awesome my “brand new” car is, which I always remind them it isn’t but just speaks of how well this still looks.
  • The chasis and the feeling of being pushed rather than pulled is unreal. I was indeed missing out on the RWD fun. Even with as base of an engine that this has I know that the rest of the car can cope with much more. The way I see it, its the perfect “starter” BMW. Not too much power, not a dog, nice steering and a proper straight six.
  • Finally I have a car with an engine that sounds properly. Before this I was used to VW 4 cylinders which are okay at best but getting into this car and revving to 7k RPM is extremely enjoyable. I realize this is far from the top tier engine but I just salivate at the thought of whats above it.
  • Mileage is about 10% worse than what I got with my Golf, so I spend about the same on gas.
  • I am in love with the looks and the color. This is surprising because I’ve never liked blue cars at all, but with the M Sport pack it just WORKS. Also, I haven’t seen any other E90 in this color ever and rarity makes me happy.
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The Bad

  • As mint as the previous owner had the car, it will never give you 100% confidence. Even being one of the most reliable engines BMW has made I am still on the lookout for any odd vibrations, noises or something that could make my ownership experience turn sour. The car hasn’t let me down but it isn’t just the same as taking it out of the dealership floors yourself knowing full well its history. I guess this feeling will be lost as time passes.
  • I can’t get out of my head the thought of a turbocharged 6 cylinder BMW now. I have gotten used to the power and, while its decent, I am aching for more.
  • I am getting used to the automatic but it isn’t ideal of course. It shift fast enough with the paddles to not be irritating, but I still would prefer a manual.
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What Has Gone Wrong:

  • I realized that the brakes were not in top shape when the steering wheel vibrated under heavier breaking. Normal for the mileage.
  • The A/C struggled a lot after sitting in the sun for the day. I had to drive for around 10 minutes until it started blowing some resemblance of cold air.
  • The second week I had the car I noticed a little smoke coming off the front right side and immediately panicked. After a little research I realized it was the common for the mileage valve cover gasket issue and got it fixed at an indy BMW shop for a damn good price.
  • Since I had the car I heard a sliding noise under the seat whenever I accelerated, braked or just turned the wheel. It drove me insane. Thanks to the forums, I realized something was stuck under a poorly designed seat vent. One of the best mods I will ever do to this car.
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The Costs:

-Title change to my name: $130

-Valve Cover Gasket Replacement + Labor: $135

-Front Brake Disks Adjustment: $38

-A/C hose and Recharge: $44

-Michelin Windshield Wipers:$33


Future Plans?

The wheels look knackered, I need to give them a refurbish as soon as possible. Otherwise I don’t think I’ll do much to it. An interior LED kit is a possibility but not a necessity. Tuning/Modifying will not net much at all and I don’t want to spend serious money on it because honestly I really do want an N55 powered BMW. This was a great find at a stunning price that I couldn’t say no to, but it just ignited my love for the brand and the crave for a proper BMW.

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