Let us listen to this automotive prayer from Mr. Tom Waits

Tom Waits

Hang on St. Christopher through the smoke and the oil
Buckle down the rumble seat and let the radiator boil
Got an overhead downshift and a two-dollar grill
Got an eighty-five cabin on an eighty-five hill
Hang on St. Christopher on the passenger side
Open it up tonight the devil can rideHang on St. Christopher with a barrelhouse dog
Kick me up Mount Baldy, throw me out in the fog
Tear a hole in the jackpot, drive a stake through his heart
Do a hundred on the grapevine, do a jump on the startHang on St. Christopher now don’t let me go
Get me to Reno and bring it in low, yeahHang on St. Christopher with the hammer to the floor
Put a highball in the crank case, nail a crow to the door
Get a bottle for the jockey gimme a two-ninety-four
There’s a…

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