One day, shortly after moving into our new home, I was looking around the area on Google Maps. About two miles away, I saw this:

Mystery Track
Image: Dakotahound from Google Maps

It is only visible on the satellite view, not on the map view, and the area is not labeled on the map. My first thought was that it is a go-kart track. The roads are about 20 ft. wide and the course is about 600 ft. diagonally from the upper right to the lower left. I estimate that the track is a little over 0.5 miles long. When I zoomed in, I could see this:

Mystery Track Closeup
Image: Dakotahound from Google Maps

I drove around, but there is no way to get close to the track, and all of the roads that might lead into the area are gated and locked. There is also no way to see into the area. None of the cars in the photograph are parked on public roads; they are all inside the gates.

I started asking people about it, but they usually just looked at me like I was crazy – no one had ever heard of it. Apparently, no one had ever seen it on the satellite view.

Last week, by chance, I was talking to an EMT driver. He told me that this week, he would be in training, and that the training course was near where I lived. So, it is a training track for EMT and fire engine drivers – mystery solved.

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