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Sent a quote for $2500, got back a purchase order for $100 less with a note that an adjustment was made to the price. Which one of you cheapskates was it? Confess! Update - just got an email to cancel the whole thing due to a manufacturing issue with a part the client was going to supply. So now I will need to re-quote next week and make sure he doesn’t try this again. Seriously, though, I think this is the first time that this has happened to me. I’m used to going back and forth on quotes, but I’ve never gotten back a PO for less than a quote or agreed-to price. Has anyone else dealt with this? I’m an engineer so sales is only a small part of what I do - maybe I’ve been lucky until now. It’s a good client so I’m not planning on pushing back, I’m just curious. Mustang towing half a Mustang for your time. (IDK, I googled “WTF Cars” because I was having a WTF moment.)


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