I’ve got a few of Moti’s parts on my car, but the rollbar is the main one. Probably the nicest thing on the car, in terms of craftsmanship. Every weld is beautiful. Holes line up perfectly. Finish is immaculate, and clearance is unbeatable, being compatible with every top ever offered by Mazda on both NA and NB Miatas. It’s strong too—as some forum crash threads can attest to—and a separate harness bar is unnecessary as it's part of the GT3 bar. 

Blackbird Fabworx has also done quite a bit of custom work for various race cars...


If you’re at work and don’t want to be caught looking at p*rn, turn back now. You’ve been warned.


Oh, right. I’m trying to sell this car :(

The guy who came by at 5am yesterday loved it, but understandably wants to test drive it when it’s not pouring and dark.

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