I guess this is just a vent or lesson for all. My girlfriend was going to a concert in Cleveland last night. She was going with her friends and I was going to meet her there with mine. Except that never happened. Her friends lost her. The only time I got ahold of her she was hysterically crying not making any sense. Eventually she no longer answered. It was then I spent the worst night of my life with the Cleveland PD.

I'm not exaggerating, this felt like a cheesy crime TV show except I didn't know if there would be a happy ending. In the pouring rain I helped all the officers search everywhere. Phone tracing left a big search area. I experienced the thrill of riding shotgun in a speeding police car with lights flashing, all under the worst possible circumstances. It was honestly one of the worst experiences of my life.

Officers finally found her in a parked car at 3am. Words cannot explain the feeling hearing "we found the girl" over the radio. Then what seemed like an eternity for the next words: "She looks alright".

I'm sitting in the hospital as I'm typing this waiting for some tests to come back. Everything's not perfect but at least she's alive.


Also, the Sergeant I was with absolutely hates his new Charger. He said the worst mistake was not making the Crown Vic anymore. Thought maybe you Panther fans would like to hear.